October 19



❗️ On 1st November, the price of DigiU shares is going to increase to $0.05!The price rise is due to the large-scale achievements of DigiU:

✅ There are already 2 AI developments in our portfolio: DigiU.Vision based on computer vision technology and DigiU.Voice based on “Text-to-speech” technology.

✅ We have launched the educational platform DigiU.Education. The first course on the platform is dedicated to venture capital investments.

✅ User accounts and all news have been translated into 9 languages: Russian, English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Vietnamese, Indonesian, and Hindi.

✅ A two-factor authentication mechanism has been launched.

✅ DigiU.Wealth – our new product based on two breakthrough technologies: Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.It is the successful launch of DigiU.Wealth that will already allow us to pay dividends to all our partners in December 2020, the first year of the project existence! ❗️ Dividends will be accrued on the purchased shares only. It means that if you’ve purchased DigiU packages in installments, the dividend will be calculated based on the amount of shares you have already paid.Before the price increase on 1st November DigiU plans to:

✅ Register a DigiU company within the European Union.

✅ Hold international conferences.

✅ Translate user accounts into Portuguese.

✅ Pay the first dividends to DigiU.Wealth investors.

❗️ Therefore before the end of the year, several more share price increases are expected. Buying DigiU shares now means becoming a partner on the most favourable terms and receiving dividends as early as December 2020.

Registration: https://lk.digiu.ai/auth/registration/1060287080


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